14 Contemporary Duets

14 Contemporary Duets contains original melodic pieces that range from Grade 5 standard up to a high degree of difficulty. Many of these are suitable for A-Level and other exam assessments. These pieces are written in such a way to allow both parts to be equal in melodic importance. This enables the higher part to be played by some lower pitch instruments, (albeit in a lower octave) such as Bass Tuba or Double Bass. This system allows these low pitch instruments to be able to play duets without using extremes of range and without creating a ‘muddy’ sound. A CD is included which has the correct instruments recorded for each edition. This book is published in 34 editions including ‘Cello with Double Bass’ and ‘Trombone with Bass Tuba’ which is available in Bass Clef and also for E-Flat Bass Tuba -in E-Flat Treble Clef- with Trombone/Euphonium – in B-Flat Treble Clef.