Abide with Me with The Last Post (UK)

Description: Abide With Me and The Last Post are combined in a simultaneous performance. The Last Post is a military Bugle call played at the end of the day. The Hymn tune of Abide with Me was written by english composer William Henry Monk in 1847. These two pieces are often both played during a religious ceremony to commemorate someone’s passing

Composer / Arranger: William Henry Monk (Abide with Me) / Harry Ledger

Brass Ensemble Plus Level: 2

Playing time: 4 mins 30 secs

Instrument ranges: A-w-M-The-Last-Post-Ranges.pdfDownload Abide with Me with The Last Post (UK) Instrument Ranges (PDF)

Score sample: A-w-Me-S-sample.pdfDownload Abide with Me with The Last Post (UK) Score Sample (PDF)

Sound clip:


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