Funeral in New Orleans

Description: This piece is based on the role of the traditional Jazz marching band which played for funerals in New Orleans. The first piece played was a slow, sad dirge such as ‘St James’ Infirmary.’ After the funeral had taken place the band led the mourners away playing an upbeat lively piece such as ‘Over in the Gloryland’ to celebrate the salvation of the deceased.

Composer / Arranger: Trad. / Harry Ledger

Concert Band Plus Level: 2

Playing time: 4 mins 10 secs

Instrument ranges: Funeral-in-New-Orleans-Ranges.pdfDownload Funeral in New Orleans Instrument Ranges (PDF)

Score sample: Funeral-in-New-Orleans-Score-sample.pdfDownload Funeral in New Orleans Score Sample (PDF)

Sound clip:


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