Rag’N’Bone – Solo for Trombone

Description: A solo for Trombone written in the traditional Ragtime style of Scott Joplin. ‘Ragtime’ was a style of music that was written for the piano and many ragtime pieces were made into ‘piano rolls’ to be played on the ‘pianola’ a player piano that works in the same way as a musical box. Joplin was the most prolific of all the Ragtime composers and is accredited with having written over 600 Ragtime pieces.

Composer / Arranger: Harry Ledger

Playing time: 3 mins 15 secs

Instrument ranges: RagNBone-Trombone-Ranges.pdfDownload Rag’N’Bone – Solo for Trombone Instrument Ranges (PDF)

Score sample: RagNBone-Trombone-Sample.pdfDownload Rag’N’Bone – Solo for Trombone Score Sample (PDF)

Sound clip:


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